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Gillian Riley Lepisto
Gillian Riley Lepisto
Owner, Designer

logo"When it comes to exquisite design, the gals at Phrizbie Design have all the talent and tools needed to draw you in and never let you go. From sumptuous spas to lush cosmetics, delectable cake bars to sassy boutiques, Phrizbie Design is the cornerstone of all things glamorous. Browse their website. I dare you to not wink at the pinup girls or think about pouring yourself into a champagne glass. Even this jeans & sneakers gal has been inspired to throw on some heels and a party dress when looking at their projects. "

- Robin Meyer, Writing to the Rescue. Dec 2010

Welcome to the world of Phrizbie Design Inc. We are a small design studio dedicated to providing the most glamorous and luscious designs available world wide. We work mainly with spas & boutiques but have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of almost 1000 clients in the past 15 years including interior designers, bakers and food industry professionals, dog walkers, millionaire matchmakers & children day cares, just to name a few. So if you like our style, we can make it work for you!

We specialize in CUSTOM BRANDING & boutique design packages for spas, beauty, fashion, food and all kinds of creative businesses worldwide. Our luxurious style and attention to detail put our website design in a class of it's own. For 15 years, we have been the original online GO-TO design boutique for beautiful, hip design for feminine entrepreneurs worldwide. You may see imitators of our work out there now, but we guarantee you, this style is all our own and no one does it better or with more love.

Phrizbie has traveled from NYC, to Miami, to Savannah, to Asheville, to Coastal Southern Maine and landed in Atlanta, Georgia. We have blossomed into an exclusive online design boutique committed to setting the bar for the spa, beauty, fashion industries & food themed designs.

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