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We want your site to be successful as much as you do! If you have a specific question or there is a topic you don't find here that you would like covered, let us know!
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What makes a great web site?
spa website design

What makes a great website?

What makes a great website Name? Click Here

#1 Rule: Be Well Organized!
Your site's content should be divided into appropriate sections, & not pasted together on one long main page.
Each section is also listed in a logical sequence. If you need help structuring your site, we can help.

Easy navigation:
Your site should let the visitor navigate through your site easily without having to hit the back button more than once. A solid, attractive & intuitive navigation system is the first aspect of building a successful site.

Originality & Creativity

The simple rule in web ethics is no stealing of graphics or plagiarism of words from other site(s). I've actually had an awards site (which was slapped together in probably less than an hour) copy my site criteria word for word!

Harmony of colors & images The font & graphic colors used on your site should blend harmoniously together, & images used should fit into the overall theme or purpose.

seo Content:
Good content
This means that you have more than 10 pages of useful content. This is a must. Generally, visitors will be more prone to linger if it has helpful material or it sparks their interest. If your visitors become uninterested within minutes, it is therefore not the best of the web.

Grammatical & Spelling Errors
Proof-reading is an essential component to maintaining a good web site. It takes only a couple of seconds (or minutes) to quickly read through your content before publishing it live on the web. If a misspelled word changes the whole meaning of a sentence, it reflects poorly on the webmaster.

seo HTML:
Reasonable loading time
Graphics & pictures may take awhile to load, & I will take this into consideration. However, if it takes too long to load because of unnecessary stuff like large mailbox graphics (when a simple text link will do just fine) you will lose points.

Screen resolution compatibility
The site should be reasonably attractive & functional in all screen resolutions, not just the one that YOU use. Monitor sizes as well as resolution settings greatly vary what your viewers see. We at Phrizbie Design will develop your web site to look great for all sizes.

seo Big No Nos:
No distracting backgrounds
Have you ever been to a site where you couldn't read the words because the background was too dark or over-empowering? This is what we want to avoid if you choose to have a background image, or color other than white or black.

No saturation of advertisements
One or two banners is fine, but having more than two on every page becomes distracting to the visitor. Plus it shows that the number one purpose for your site is to make money (which is not very appealing to your visitor).

No poor quality animations
The web is full of low qualilty & generic animations. Make your web site stand out by NOT using the same thing that thous&s of others have used. Example: Flashing Yellow signs that say "NEW!!"

This is the #1 mistake of web entrepreneurs & marketers all over the world. HYPE. The use of all capital letters implies hype. Do not use all caps for anything not absolutely necessary. Do not use "!!!!!" Do not say things like "THIS IS THE GREATEST DEAL EVER!" or "WE ARE #1 ON THE Internet!" These things are probably not true, & guess what? People will not believe you.

No Background Music
If you must:Sound or music should be able to be turned off.

Dont Over-do the "Extras".
Animations, Scrolling text boxes, moving banners, flashing lights, blinking signs, music, etc... Too much is not a good thing. It will slow your load time down considerably & create confusion. People generally have a goal they are trying to reach, or need to know what the main point of the site is right away, not be entertained by gimmicks. On that note....

The Jealousy Factor
Lastly, but certainly not the least, your site should make
others say "Man! I wish my site was as good as this!"

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