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The Lotus Spa

Lotus Spa Logo Design

"First of all let me tell everyone that when I found your website I had my doubts that it would be easy to meet all my requirements by internet!! Especially since I am in Abu Dubai and my English is not perfect. But hear we go Gillian you really have gone beyond my expectations!!!

I really want to thank you for the most perfect communication that I never had by emails before, and wish you all the best in your elegant designs. Just to let you know that I will introduce you to all my friend and business Client that I know. Wish you all the best dear."

Fatima Ali, owner
The Lotus Day Spa, Abu Dubai

Lotus Spa Business Card Design
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Lotus Spa Dubai Brochure Design

Lotus Spa Brochure Design

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Spa Sticker Design
Spa Sticker Design
Spa Sticker Design

Lotus Spa Stationery
Lotus Spa Stationery Design

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