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What are META TAGS and why do I need them?

What are Meta Tags?

Meta Tags are not a magic solution but are the beginning of what a search engine looks for The Title & Description Tag is by far the most important. Basically, Meta Tags are SHORT, CONSISE keyword phrases & a paragraph about your business, that describes you uniquely.

When buildilng your site, we ask for a list of 20 keyword phrases that describe your business right at the start of when we build the site for you. We also ask for a short paragraph description, which we will help you revise to be the best for your site and the coding.



Phrizbie Design recommends I NEED HITS for all your search engine submission services. We will handle your basic optimization for your site but we do not submit your site. We highly recommend a monthly submission package that you purchase for the year. Starting at $30 a month - it's a must!

phrizbie explains search engine submission



The description of your page is usually what search engines show under your blue clickable title in Google. It basically should summarize your site, & include as many of your keywords as possible. Be specific with your titles, they sometimes serve as keywords, depending on the search engine.

Meta tags are HTML codes that are inserted into your website code, that are used to give web browsers and search engine spiders directions or data on various information. We ask you to provide us with a short description of your site and a list of 5-10 keyword phrases that best describe your business in the most detailed way possible. Think about what makes you unique, and repeat those key phrases as many times as you can in the site - that is the key to success on the internet.

So, how do you get highly-ranked?

There are many, many good answers to this question… indeed many books and seminars are being sold right now on this very topic.  Nearly all of the traditional answers are at least partially correct: make sure your website copy is good and that you have plenty of it, make sure your pages are correctly-titled, make sure you have accurate meta tags. Most importantly, search engines actually need to find target keywords within the visible body text on your site pages. That same repeating keyword text must be in various places in the site in order for Google to find it a relevant match for related search queries. They also need to find those same keywords and phrases used within the text links that help people navigate your pages. It's true. Each individual page of your site MUST be built with those words and phrases in mind. This takes massive time & we suggest using  I NEED HITS for their incredible SEO packages.


Avoid words which have a lot to do with the Net in general. When a user searches for one of these words they get a huge number of results & yours is likely to be way down the list. The purpose of keywords is to target words that will bring people to your site as opposed to other people's. These days there are so many pages on the Web that users usually search for 'strings' of at least two or three related words at once, for example "california day spa". Now, if you have all three words on your list separately, you'll be listed below somebody else's page if they've targeted all three words together, in a Keyword Phrase. In the above example you would treat "california day spa" as one word which just happens to have space characters in it. Also, avoid using general words like "SPA". Be specific, "SAN DEIGO SPA" is a much better choice. "LUXURY DAY SPA in SAN DIEGO CALIFORNIA" is an even better choice. We recommend keyword phrases over keywords by themselves.

A website is like a garden, you must TEND TO IT for it to grow.

Google is the top dog in the search engine kennel, not only is one of the most popular search sites, but Google also shares some results with Yahoo & Netscape, so if your listed in Google, your listed in those sites too! It takes anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to be included in Google.

To submit your site go to but we suggest using G-Boost for guaranteed entry.

Also, please go to Google Webmaster Tools & sign up for an account.

Google Tools
Sign up for as many free Google Services as possible for your site. We will integrate them all for you. Google Webmaster Tools are a great way to keep track of your traffic. Start by signing up for a Google Analytics Account.
Google Analytics Account

Google Boost

48 Hour Guaranteed inclusion begins once the service has been completed (usually within 2-3 business days).

Websites with redirects, duplicate/affiliate content or other crawling issues are excluded from the guarantee.

Money back guarantees can be claimed within 30 days of service completion.


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